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HP RTK Systems


HP RTK systems is an emerging business catering to the DGPS precision guidance requirements of the Agricultural vehicle industry, providing cost effective solutions to precision guidance of Agricultural machinery, and in turn facilitating greater yields, lower costs, and more business intelligence in the field.

HP RTK Systems

ADV: Workshop Process Manager


AutoDealerVision is an automotive, agricultural and materials handling dealership software product designed to help streamline the way motor dealer and materials handling workshops do business.  In particular it is designed to increase workshop productivity and efficiency, and to help elevate customer service levels to the highest possible standards.

AutoDealerVision has an onsite workshop management application (Workshop Process Manager) and an offsite mobile technician management application (Field Operations Manager).  Both applications have been designed with user in mind, with an easy and functional tracking system which not only speeds up in-house processes, but gives all staff up to the minute information on the exact status of repair orders, allowing quick and easy updates to customers.

For more information on the AutoDealerVision software suite, please go to the AutoDealerVision website.


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