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Introduction to Hi-Powered Networking

Hi-Powered Networking specialise in designing, installing, supporting and upgrading business-grade networks for companies large and small.

Whilst we service several markets, our services focus on the requirements of the Automotive & Agricultural vehicle retail, wholesale, used vehicle, and related service industries.

By teaming with global partners such as Lenovo, Cisco, Sophos and Microsoft, we offer the most comprehensive and reliable range of IT solutions to meet your business needs.

Hi-Powered Networking began as a sideline business for Managing Director Leigh Nunn as a means to provide networking and other computer services to the Summernats Car Festival. After working several years professionally for companies including CFS and Reynolds & Reynolds, management decided to close the CFS Queensland Engineering & Network Operations presence. In response to the dozens of requests for support from Car, Truck and Agricultural dealers that were dismayed by this course of action, Leigh Nunn and fellow Engineer Robert Brady incorporated Hi-Powered Networking into a full-fledged proprietary limited company.

In February 2020, Hi-Powered Networking celebrated its fifteen year anniversary in bringing high quality, timely solutions to the vehicle industry, as well as other industries including Accounting, Refridgeration Spares, Hospitality, and other markets where ‘word of mouth’ has lead to more business. Such successes are testimony to Hi-Powered Networking’s commitment to quality solutions that meet or exceed not only existing requirements, but also future requirements.

Hi-Powered Networking are constantly looking at new products and solutions to ensure our customers get the most reliable networks for competitive prices.

Business Grade, Reliable Networks for Companies Large and Small

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